Of course, there is a certain amount of stress involved with home showing and getting your house in top shape, but try to avoid all that stress if possible because there’s a lot you can do that will produce the kind of effect you want on the buyer. If you overlook a few things in the process, the more experienced buyers will understand and not expect everything to be perfect. Get as many as the problems in your house fixed and if there are issues with the home, you’re better off being upfront with the buyer instead of them finding out later on about a major problem with the house.

Everything counts in home showing. Keep in mind that your goal is to appeal to a prospective buyer’s emotions, and we all know that most people prefer a house that has spacious rooms. With that in mind, here is a simple home showing trick you can use. Light can reveal all the little things that you don’t want people to see, but when it comes to creating the appearance of size and big rooms, light is your friend. How do you do this? Pull up the blinds or the drapes so natural light can shine in the room. It may be an optical illusion but it works and will have the effect of bigger rooms. What if you’re doing home showing at night? Just switch on all the lights in the house. How your home looks overall is important when you’re trying to sell it. Yes, people do pay attention to the smallest details including how clean the windows are. Failing to replace any cracked or broken windows is not acceptable in this situation. If you’ve got window blinds, make sure they’re dusted clean. If you leave windows in disrepair or if you have blinds or drapes that are dusty and moldy, buyers are going to think you hardly care about your home. The next thing they’ll think about is what other bad stuff they’ll see in your house as they look around.

Your home’s outlets and wall switches are also important. Buyers will want these things to be in good working order and if they aren’t, they’ll expect them to be fixed. Make sure all the wall switches are working properly by going into each room and switching on and off the light. If any of the switches aren’t working properly, have them replaced as soon as possible.

Outlet testers are also a good investment and most hardware and department stores sell these. These are great, and all you do is plug them into the outlet to test. They will have LEDs on them and will display any common problems so you can fix it. Home showing shouldn’t be a stressful time for you. You simply need to be organized. Approach the process in a methodical way and you should be fine. Stay within your budget that you have created for selling your house. Don’t overlook the small details because they can play a part in a buyer’s decision to buy your home.